Tunis Sports City, UAE megaproject in Tunisia

Friday, March 4 2022


Tunis Sports City should be spread over an area of ​​250 hectares on the north side of the shores of Lake Tunis.

Tunis Sports City, Emirati tourism megaproject in Tunisia

Tunis Sports City is a project whose foundations were set up by the Emirati group Bukhatir in 2008 but the circumstances that Tunisia and the world have since experienced, including the global financial crisis and local political instability, have hampered the concretization.

Today with almost 90% of state approvals in hand, this Emirati megaproject aims to fundamentally change the appearance of the shores of Lake Tunis.

Salah boukhatir, CEO and Chairman of the group of the same name, made a special trip to Tunis on Thursday March 10, 2022 to announce the relaunch of this huge project headed by a new CEO of the group's subsidiary in Tunis, Afif Bejaoui. .

The CEO of the Emirati group declared during the press conference: “Our primary objective is to make Tunis Sports City a new city that will be part of a logic of sustainable development and respect for ecological urban planning. The very solid support that we are receiving from the Tunisian authorities reinforces our ambition for Tunisia. The new image of sustainable modernity that we are going to give to Tunis will constitute an invaluable vector of attraction that will seduce major international investors”.

The components of Tunis Sports City

Tunis sports City should spread over an area of ​​250 hectares on the north side of the shores of Lake Tunis, of which no less than 53 hectares will be reserved exclusively for the development of a 9-hole golf course designed by the architect Peter Harradine, in partnership with The Professional Gulf Association (PGA) United Kingdom.

A second area of ​​36 hectares will be devoted to the sports city and will include four training academies (football, swimming, tennis and golf), to international standards, which will train young Tunisian and foreign athletes, in partnership with prestigious European clubs. 20 hectares will be devoted to a Central Park which will offer walking health trails and entertainment and leisure areas.

Concerning the tourist aspect, the plan includes no less than six very high standard hotels in addition to a large shopping center of international dimension, located on 120 hectares with a multitude of green spaces which will be located almost everywhere, not to mention the playgrounds, the residential complex and private schools and clinics.

A 3 km corniche on the edge of the North Lake will be accessible to the general public, with its terraces and its entertainment and leisure components, not to mention a Business Zone, with a business district.

A $5 billion investment

The Tunis Sports City, or Tunis Sports City, is today a huge project that Tunisia is preparing to build with funding from the United Arab Emirates.

The Emirati group plans to invest almost 5 billion dollars and create 10,000 direct and indirect jobs. The Bukhatir group, is a very influential real estate developer at the head of several modern projects around the world, tourist, real estate and sports complexes equipped with the latest technologies and futuristic architecture.

The first part of the Tunis Sports City project concerning the Golf Course and the sports city should be operational around the year 2026. The district dedicated to investment and business should come out of the ground in 2028, the residential part and the rest of the project would be completed if conditions are favorable in 2031.