Middle East Tunisia - The completion of the preparation works for the “Cedar” allotment in the Tunis Sports City Tunisia Tunisia - The completion of the preparation works for the “Cedar” in the Tunis Sports City

Thursday, March 10 2022


In the Tunisian capital, work to prepare the “Cedar” exchange of Tunis Sports City has been completed, according to what was announced by the CEO of the city, Afif Bedjaoui, and Salah Bukhatir, head of the Bukhatir Group executing the project, during a press conference held today. The project extends over approximately 250 hectares of the northern banks of Lake Tunis, and holds great hopes for the great operational opportunities it will provide for thousands of Tunisians. . The first part of the project includes 73 villas overlooking the Al Solaj Stadium, in addition to 6 luxury hotels and several sections prepared for marketing, sale, display and entertainment, as well as sports and tourism according to the latest international standards. The executing company expressed its commitment to complete the technical studies according to the new configuration model prepared in 2019 and approved, which made several improvements to the project and preserved its components in respect of its commitments with the Tunisian state in accordance with the investment agreement. The total cost of the project is expected to reach $5 billion, provided that To be completed around 2032.